Wednesday, November 19, 2008

S2dio Photography

Now everybody can join the new official studio photography society [s2dio] site for free...from that official website you can find a new friends all around Malaysia who had a real interest in photography and artwork design..for more about it pleaselog on to or if you had any ideas or questiond please e-mail

Who we are? Beyond Imaging, This is about us,Studio Photography Society [s2dio].This society is 100% working under S TWO STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY (s2studio) 001737375-H, is a registered company and this is our official society and community site on Myspace. it's all started when we saw there's a lot of photography community had born in Myspace, and they had a really amazing feedback from all their community members. So we decided to create our own Society to share with others.. Basically [s2dio] was born in Kuala Lumpur,Based in Damansara Damai,Sungai Buloh where the HQ Office and Studio is located. and we've planned to expand [s2dio] all over Malaysia including Sabah,Sarawak and International level in new kind era of photographic.

Now days.. This society was created by the Pro's and all Crew of s2studio photography, Studio Photography Society is all about PHOTOGRAPHY,FRIENDS and COMMUNITY. We are looking forward for everybody who really interested into photography and so to the NEWBIES. [s2dio] is a place for us to share our opinions and experienced in PHOTOGRAPHY. From this [s2dio] Society site,we going to help you to improved your photography shot's, and knowing your photography equipments,to who are interested being a well known PHOTOGRAPHER...

If you want to JOIN us,please TAKE NOTED this is a serious PHOTOGRAPHY SOCIETY site. And We are ready to share your opinions,comments and ideas with open hand. Then if you were in this society PLEASE REMEMBER that Studio Photography Society is a REGISTERED SOCIETY, All of [s2dio] and society members photo's are COPYRIGHTED! and who are posting a photo's to this community site, will be credited their name on it.. And don't forget to credit our Studio Photography Society name on your Display named e.g "JoHNxXx[s2dio]" for supporting us.. Hope you will be enjoyed to be one of our society because there's a lot of activities that will be coming... Best of luck to all..... from us S Two Studio Photography and Studio Photography Society staff and crew...


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